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Life Changing Overnight Camp

Each year, Rite of Passage Nation provides a unique Educational Experience filled with creativity, and fun. I Am Power is an overnight camp designed for youth from 6th to 12th grade. Our fun and unforgettable camp experience promotes the development of self-esteem, independence, healthy minds (mental health), life skills, strong decision making and responsibility for all campers with our corporate level conference seminars.

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Camp Fire


July 2024


Speciality Areas

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I Am Power Camp provides an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time at camp. Whether it’s a camper’s first experience with us or they’ve attended before, our Youth Program allows everyone to take the time to learn useful and exciting skills while creating unforgettable memories.

-Practical Financial Management


-Goal Setting

-Introduction to Self-Defense

-Tai Chi, Yoga & Meditation

-Critical Decision Making

-Etiquette & Moral Mannerism

-Introduction to Future Tech

-Art & Self Exploration

-The Laws of Success

-Leadership Training

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Our Leadership Training Program allows our active campers and volunteers to focus on what they love most. Campers have an option of attending I Am Power Camp for a variety of reasons depending on their preferences. Volunteers receive free business and empowerment training while attending and high school senior staff may work for service hours. Are you interested in non-for-profit community outreach? Receiving service hours or just want to give back and have fun? Each of our programs provides our campers with an unforgettable experience of growth, networking and friendship.
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You name it! We doing it! Food Fight, Color Explosion and Fortnite! If it is one thing we do well is an all out war of fun during our camp team battles! MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!



Now who doesn’t like a good show or to be entertained? No better way to end a week of empowerment and fun, then a stage with lights and huge speakers at our Youth Empowerment Explosion! Camp ends Aug 1st at 8am but the fun doesn't stop there. Get ready to take off work and jam with your kid(s) because we have an empowerment family day and concert. The day starts at Paradise Cove Water Park at 10am and at 3pm we head to the event field and staging area for more fun!  Let us know if your child has real talent, if so... THE STAGE IS YOURS!

Parents, this is a public event for you to come and enjoy a day with your family. Ticket cost is $25 for the water park, event field and show. Your child's cost for this day is covered if you have paid regular price of $385 for I Am Power Camp. If you have paid during early registration, or received grant assistance, the Youth Empowerment Explosion is not covered and you must purchase the passes for that day for $25 dollars so they can enjoy the event. If you do not wish for them to attend, please pick them up promptly between 8am and 10am. The Youth Empowerment Explosion ends at 730pm.


Kids Jumping into the Lake

Camp Cost

I Am Power is an overnight conference with in a camp for a week that includes 3 meals daily, lodging, seminar materials, speaker fees, camp expenses and entertainment. Due to sponsorship and fundraisers, Rite of Passage Nation can provide the service of I Am Power Camp at an affordable rate of $699, valued at $1600. You may save an additional $100 dollars during early registration.  This camp has limited space on a first come first serve bases. You may reserve your space by registering and paying a deposit of $50 dollars and a administration fee of $15. All camp cost must be in by May 13th 2024. Extensions may be given upon request. If you are early registering, the Youth Empowerment Explosion on the last day is not included. You must purchase those passes on the register page.


"What ever we practice; we make stronger.

If you practice being a good person when you're young, you will be awesome at it when you get older!"

Our Mission

As a non-for-profit with a focus on youth empowerment and mental health, Rite Of Passage Nation is an educational organization geared to fill in the missing pieces that are lacking in the growth of our youth, young adults & special needs community. Throughout history every culture has had a coming of age celebration into adult hood called “Rite Of Passage”. Our goal is to show youth and young adults the power they have inside of them. That they can do anything they put their minds too and serve others while doing so. While empowering youth and young adults, our programs focus is on mental health issues such as depression, anger, anxiety and helping the youth cope with, or over come said issue.

It is easier for us to call you back. If we are training or mentoring, we may not be able to answer the phone or reply to chat immediately. Please enter your information so we can call you back or email you and answer all your questions.

I Am Power
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