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We have worked with R.O.P. Nation for 4 years and we have seen their "Be the Rhino" Program change the attitudes of some of our most special children. Kids who have said in the beginning that they are not going to participate and by the end say, "This is the best day of my life".


Miss Pat Miller; United Cerebral Palsy




Like all non-for-profits Rite of Passage Nation depends on the donations from our  supporters, fundraisers, and grant assistance. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to cancel several events, fundraisers and all grants were suspended when kids were forced to homeschool and all programs were canceled.


This devastating event has caused most none-for-profits to face a domino effect that can hinder our programs from taking place for the rest of the year and even worse ,not survive because we have not received the necessary funding to host seminars, make down payments for facilities, acquire proper insurances and buy the educational materials needed to teach and deliver the mental health, empowerment programs and events properly.  These funds are our lifeline and how we maintain our day to day building needs and utility bills.

As you know, many for-profit business have had to close during this time that deliver services ands products to their communities. So imagine how much more devastating it has been for organizations like Rite of Passage Nation.  Our children should not have to lose life changing experiences and education ,because their depression, anxiety, anger and mental health issues does not take a day off. 


With the assistance of Zoom we have been able to reach out and give much needed mentoring to a few, but our mission is to hit the ground running when this pandemic is behind us. Thank you so much for your support and we encourage you to give in all forms. Donations, purchases, doing business with Fierce Marketing, which we created to help businesses and raise funds for our cause, and of course volunteering for our up coming events, I Am Power Camp rescheduled for the spring, Pearls For Girls in the fall, and Boys to Men Rite of Passage Outdoor Ceremony.   


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Boys 2 Men

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